What I’ve been up to:


We’ve been up to lots here! Vegan Churros, Chocolate-covered Marshmallows, Gluten-free Vegan Hostess cupcakes (recipe to come!), and more that haven’t been pictured. I’m also working on a recipe that I’m really proud of, moreso than anything else I’ve ever done. I’ll post it soon. I’m also going to revise the Funfetti Cookie recipe, as I felt they were too dry and could use some lift. So, I’ll be seeing you soon!


Gluten-Free Confetti Cookies

ImageSince I love all things involving sprinkles, I decided to incorporate them into a cookie to complete the fiesta vibe I look for whenever I indulge in a dessert. Which, quite frankly, is on the daily. Indulgence status: nullified. I am made mostly out of sprinkles, cakes, and cookies at this point.

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