A vegan grocery stop : Abe’s Muffins [Vegan Mofo Day 9]

Just a little detour to show you how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been up to. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and grabbed some snacks for a trip. I saw a sign (cue Ace Of Base) and what do you know? A vegan mini muffin company with muffins for super cheap! That’s not a common sighting. I picked up a few of them in various flavors to try them out while I’m recovering from a crazy workweek.
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Vegan Double Chocolate Donuts [Vegan Mofo Day 8]

photo 4 (20)
Sup y’alls? I’ve been busy around here between a funked up work schedule, visiting my mom and siblings, and just general life (a.k.a. being tired and passing out on my couch). However, I’ve been able to make some good eats lately and I wanted to share with you one that I made before I went out to see the little mister, my brother, who loves anything chocolate.

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Vegan Mofo: Sweets Edition and a Pudding Pie Recipe

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Epic Whipped Cream Topping done by the boyfriend! ::Applause::

I have been up to a lot of baking recently. I’m going to save the photos for when I show you the process behind the recipes I share with you, but I want to update before the close of Vegan Mofo Day 1, to lock in my participation. I’ve been antsy every year about participating but the more I knew about it, the more anxiety I got about it and the less I did about it, so like everything else that matters, I have learned to do it the last minute! Procrastination may not be the ultimate solution to anxiety, but sometimes it helps me function and produce something better. Sometimes, timing doesn’t allow me to procrastinate nor get anxious, so I’ve found myself the day of vegan Mofo beginning (okay, technically it started yesterday) quite content that I’ve serendipitously planned to test out a new savory recipe (which you can read about on my other blog, The Flavorful Pursuit) and that I had a dessert planned. Things are finally looking up!

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GF Chocolate Chip Coconut Bacon Cookies: Why I’m Down with Phoney Baloney

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Let’s be honest, vegan foods are not always good emulators of non-vegan counterparts. Sometimes it’s a texture thing, sometimes it’s a taste thing in general, and sometimes the whole thing is ‘off’. That can be a problem with mock-foods.┬áTo me, that’s okay. It just means I’ll eat more plant-foods because I know what I’m getting myself into. Plant foods usually trump plant-food-based products nutritionally and usually, they taste better, too. But, every now and again you have something that fits a certain flavor expectation and you really appreciate it. Enter, Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon.

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