A vegan grocery stop : Abe’s Muffins [Vegan Mofo Day 9]

Just a little detour to show you how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been up to. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and grabbed some snacks for a trip. I saw a sign (cue Ace Of Base) and what do you know? A vegan mini muffin company with muffins for super cheap! That’s not a common sighting. I picked up a few of them in various flavors to try them out while I’m recovering from a crazy workweek.
photo 1 (14)

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GF Chocolate Chip Coconut Bacon Cookies: Why I’m Down with Phoney Baloney

photo 2 (11)

Let’s be honest, vegan foods are not always good emulators of non-vegan counterparts. Sometimes it’s a texture thing, sometimes it’s a taste thing in general, and sometimes the whole thing is ‘off’. That can be a problem with mock-foods.┬áTo me, that’s okay. It just means I’ll eat more plant-foods because I know what I’m getting myself into. Plant foods usually trump plant-food-based products nutritionally and usually, they taste better, too. But, every now and again you have something that fits a certain flavor expectation and you really appreciate it. Enter, Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon.

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