Vlokken and Speculos Hagelslag on a Waffle, AKA breakfast of my dreams.

My name is Jessica. I bake predominantly gluten-free but always vegan things for the lovelies in my life. I have an inane fascination with sprinkles that has followed me from childhood all the way through adulthood that I don’t know will ever be shaken. I’ve received care packages of sprinkles, and seek them out in leaky, poorly-lit alleyways, dodging trouble all in the name of colorful food. That last part is a lie (at least until a moment calls for it). I’ve gone to other countries and scoured their grocery stores just in the hopes of finding cooler ones, and my favorite of all, hagelslag, or Dutch sprinkles that melt in your mouth. I eat sprinkles on toast, on dessert, and even on their own, by the handful(s). I also make my own. When I am not eating sprinkles, I am eating other colorful foods, but the kind that come already colorful and flavorful— my favorites are pomegranates, plums, and anything green. Nature’s sprinkles.

Also to note, I am given to the inexplicable and indiscriminate use of gifs.


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