Finally, Vegan Sugar Cookies


very long overdue new post for you today. I love the holidays because I have an excuse to make something I normally wouldn’t. There are special foods that are designated holiday foods, and rightly so, because they usually take much more preparation and decorating to make. That tends to be the reason for my aversion to sugar cookies. Couple that with their general bland taste, and I’m just not all that interested.

But then again, they’re cute. want my desserts to be cute if they can be. I love the way that cookies in a shape with decorations look. It’s over the top, it’s unnecessary (because the cookies are going to be eaten no matter what), and it’s adorable. I generally do simple things because I don’t care for making things all that complicated looking. However, when it comes to sugar cookies, it just makes sense to go all out. Sugar cookies without adornment are like naked chocolate chip cookies. Not fun.

So I’ve admitted that I’m not that big into sugar cookies. I do love shortbread, so I liked that this recipe made cookies that are thick. I baked them about an extra 2 minutes, rotating trays in my oven until just slightly golden at the edges. Then, they cooled on the trays and were perfect looking. Not really interesting, though.

sugar cookie

Time to dress these plain Joes and Janes up! I used a vegan royal icing recipe to pipe around the edges of the cookie, and then dipped them into vegan nonpareils. I found a way to use up the nonpareils I got a while ago from a kosher market that don’t have confectioner’s glaze. They found a place on this cookie, whereas in lots of other recipes, I don’t care for them much. Now they are much, much more interesting.

vegansugarcookieFor half of the batch, I affixed them to the top of some Devil’s food cupcakes that also had sprinkles on them. A-ha. That’s a good batch of cupcakes (and cookies), if you ask me. A bit clunky since I thought the cutter was smaller than it was, but I don’t mind.

Recipe can be found here.


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